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HEEYYY WASSUPSS!  My name is Sharon ! :D This is my website about DOGS! HOW COOL IS THAT!!! Read all and find AWESOME facts and if you have a dog owner, I recommend reading ALL literally! <3 so I hope you like it and <3!!

This is my Yorkshire Terrier, of course this website isn't just about Yorkshire Terriers! So anyways the Yorkshire Terrier's (Yorkie) are very unique and if you own one, you have a load in your hands! They are very loving and kind just like all the dogs but don't get me wrong, they sometimes are a little bit annoying but you adjust to that. Yorkies have a black, brown, tan, navy blue coats! They look more like black and tan but hey some times dogs gotta have their fashions too! As you know all dogs have a HUGE allergy to chocolate and I'm not saying just cough cough sneeze sneeze I mean putting their lifes on danger. They could die :( So please read all the pages to find out if YOUR dog has any secrets its been hiding. And if you want any dogs or your just starting, I suggest you look for the part about the dog you want, or dont want..