Hellloooss again. Sorry for those "interuptions" I was just bored and had nothing to do. I know you think creating a website is fun but when you have to add and you run out of ideas, you'll take anything you can get :D SO! Anyways. Labrador retrievers are a type of big dog. They are also another type of popular dog like the golden retriever. Isn't that cool!! So there are different colored Labs (labrador retriver) They come in yellow, brown, black and all different kinds of stuff but those were just the most popular colors. If I had a lab, I would get the yellow just saying.  It's my opinion so don't bother listening to me from that.... Ehhhh nevermind. Labs are athletic and brave dogs. They like to play around and run around. Their weight is 60-75 pounds. WWOOOWWWWW!!!! THATS BIGGER THAN ME!!!!!!!! and their height is 22-24 inches. WOW!!!! Well I'm not a dwarf I'm just a little kid :D But it doesn't matter because this website is for dogs. You need to give them a daily walk. They are easily to gain weight  so don't overfeed them. The big dogs are the types of dogs that can pull you on scooters and skateboards but I don't recommend it. That's really dangerous! But the sad thing is their lifespan is 10-12 years. Awwww it's life span is smaller than alot of dogs :( O well. Some times you have to live life to the fullest :( Just like Marley :D
Make sure you have a back yard because they need excercise often. These little puppies like to stay fit :D Same as me but hey, I'm too lazy to go on a diet. But I'm not fat. I just wanna lose my baby fat LOOLLS!!
            So stay tuned for my next article.  Brain teasers bEcause I'm bored again T.T