POODLES!! THE MOST PAMPERED DOG!!! They are very poofy :D They are very great pets but you often have to keep their fur clean. It sometimes gets annoying that you have to do this but you'll get used to it.  There will be 3 entrys of poodles. The standard poodle (which is this one) the Minituarize poodle and the Toy poodle. The SP (standard poodle) is a medium sized dog. All the poodles are very good in dog shows so show off your pet and they will be appreciated. They like alot of attention so make sure they are surrounded by love 100% Their tails are high in the hair and their heads are up. They are very mature dogs. The Average weight is 45-70 pounds... WOWW!!!! EVEN MORE THAN THE GOLDEN RETRIEVER!! And the average height is 38 cm or more. No one really knows how high they are because its all different. Sometimes they will have runny eyes but thats one of their allergys so ask your vet about that and we'll see what he can do! Everysingle day you have to give the SP a walk because they just love them. It's good to give your dog what they love but don't spoil them. Even though they enjoy it, don't go giving them what they want. AND WOW now were up to GROOMING. I don't know where to start. So number 1 they have to be clipped and bathed every 6-8 weeks. And you have to brush it every day. You can count how much times but that would just spend time. It's ok if you want to.
                 So Pandora is a good name for the girl and Pay  is a good name too! Paige and Pao. Or paul and patrick.  Stay tuned for the next article poodles! The second.