POODLES!!!!! The toy poodle

These are the last kinds of poodles there are. Well not exactly the LAST but you get what I mean. So when they are groomed their bodies give off square appearence. They must really like being groomed! Their weight is 6-9 pounds. WOW!!! THATS SO LITTLE! I MEAN A 6 YEAR OLD CAN CARRY THEM!! They are very small. The reason they are called the toy poodle is because they are about the size of a toy but a really big toy. lols. So their height is up to 10 inches. That's smaller than a foot! Aww cute dogs! So the Toy poodle is good for city life as good as country life. They are active dogs and not very active indoors. But they will still do okay without a yard. They need a daily walk everyday so they can stay fit and strong. They all start flopping just like how if we don't excercise alot, we will not stay fit and strong. Their life span is 12-15 years. Thats just like the average dog!:D So GLLADD!!
                                   So stay tuned for my next page called.  One tiny fact many people don't know.