Yorkshire Terriers!

          Hello again ;) This is the article of Yorkies! First of all you should know what to name them! If you have a dog I recommend skipping to the next paragrah... So first of all sometimes you don't know what to name your dog! You get all frustrated then finally your sister tells you that she will pay you $10 to get to name them! AM I RIGHT AM I RIGHT? So anyways, you have to look at what your dog looks like. If they look so cute and you wanna just squish them, I would say either name them a Sally or a Crystal or a Melody or a Sharon. Of course these are not all the names but these are the ones I recommend. So if they were a boy I would name them, a Nick or a Josh or a Jake or a Matt. Either one works or you can just choose :D 
           So if your done choosing the dogs name you want to find a safe home for them! Make sure its not just a plain old cage with the coold floor because dogs have feelings to you know? They're just like us! Yorkies have facial emotions so even when your sad, they might just smile at you :D Aww little puppy wuppies! So either go to the nearest pet shop. But if you do have a petco I still recommend checking there first. So blah blah blah you drive there, you should go to the bed place RIGHT AWAY!
 Your little doggy is sad and scared you want to do Everything to make it feel like it's home :) So after you get there and then you see a WHOOLEE lot of beds and you don't know which one to buy, them first look for one that matches your dogs fur. They look very cute and yet fashionable! So then you have to see if they like it, make sure no matter what you do DO NOT FORCE THEM! It makes them think your a bad person and they won't play or worship you anymore. So after your done getting the bed you should go home and let your dog try it. Let her/him sniff the bed and slowly lift the dog onto the bed! If they jump off dont hurt them or say bad dog, just slowly pet them and try again. They may be shaking but they'll get used to it!
           So after you get the bed you need FOOD!! I usually got the food before I got the dog. Thats what I recommend for you..  Don't let your dog starve. Always ask your vet about what foods they should eat and what things they need. Make sure your dog eats it and like it. Thats the most important thing when you first get a dog! Your can get they food ANywhere online. It's not a pain in the neck to buy it from online but if your That desperate to go somewhere instead, ask your vet for the closest dog food store or a place that sells dog food :D Their life span is 12-15 years and there average weight is 7 pounds and the average height is 6-7 inches. Awwwww thats so tiny!!! <3
            So after you got everything settled in, I want you to know these facts about your dog. 1. Yorkies are very polite but again naughty. 2. They don't shed. 3. They don't need Constant walking but if you want to then you can :D. 4. Yorkies are too small to go swimming when they're young (trust me I had to find that out the hard way..)
5. They love humans. 6. The yorkies may look innocent but they are a brave dog that's on guard. They stand up and show no mercy to the largest canines. There's alot more but that's all I'm gonna tell you cuz im just too lazy to type anymore ;D BYes and stay tuned for the next article. Golden Retrievers!