Sry for those "interuptions" they were weird especially the friend thingy.... Now that was weird. Now back to thedailydogs. So as you know collies are border collies. There are different types but the one that most everyone knows is the border collie. These collies are very brave and intelligent. They are not afraid of lots of stuff. The average weight for a collie is 30-45 pounds. Comparing that to the golden retriever is alot. WOWZA! So the height is 19-22 inches. How is that possible.. It weighs more than a golden retriever but its shorter than it. LOLS! The timeline for the collie is 12-15 years. WOW thats alot! Now if you have a collie, than these puppies will really make you smile because when they have babies they have 4-8 babies. But the average is 6 but still, WOW 6 children! That'll be so hard to take care for! Once in a while you have to groom them everyday about 2 or 3 times a day. They need constant grooming. And I mean CONSTANT! They shed fur so it'll be best to not to let it all drop. So then after, Their coats are brown,white and black. Everydog knows that they HATE fleas. But the collie hates them the most because when the little critters bite them, BAM! They get so itchy because they are allergic to fleas. I guess everyone learns something once in a while.
              So as you know, I often tell what you can name your dog right? But from now one I'm gonna stop :( I'm sry its very frustrating for me :( So I'll just say one name for you. Colleen. It matches :) If its a boy well I recremend Chris. But whos to know, you can choose other names :D