POODLES!!!! The second.

 For this one its going to be Miniturize poodles (MP) They are very fun and small! That's where they get the name from. They are very cute and cuddly so I recommend spending alot of time with your dog. So the MP is a very unique dog. They come in vary  shapes and sizes. They have different colors but the most common is white or brown. The average height is 11-15 inches. Thats smaller than the SP. And the weight of them is 15-17 pounds. They are very heavy still. It's like carrying a 1 year old baby. WOWZA! But still. The MP is fit for apartment life. They are calm indoors if they get enough excercise. They will do OK without an yard but thats still an option. You can have MP's everywhere. Their lifespan is 12-15 years. Same as all the dogs but hey. MP's are the same as SP's when it comes to grooming. They will do ok if you constantly groom them! Now stay tuned for the last one about poodles. Poodles toy poodle.