These dachshunds are very fun. They aren't that much of a handful. Another nickname for them is the wiener dogs. They are called wiener dogs because they look like hot dogs. Their weight is over 11 pounds at the age of 12 months. WOW! that's soo much comparing to the yorkshire terriers. Their heights are 8-11 inches. awwww so cute!!! If you like animals alott! I recommend being a vet when you grow up. So back to the story. These little babies are very good for apartment life. WOW!!!! WHy are so much dogs bound to apartment life you say? Write it in the comments then I'll get back at cha. So anywayysss wiener dogs need to have a daily walk. They have surprising stamina so I say let them walk when they want to. They also like playing in the park with other dogs or just with you and play fetch ball frisbee. That's all good for them. They'll get discouraged when jumping as much as they are prone to spinal damage. Their lifespan is 12-15 years. T.T same as all T.T
      Stay tuned for my next article . Weird interuption's because I'm bored :D